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What our product delivers for you

We aim to provide quality cladding solutions that deliver on high performance and bring to life the look your clientsĄ¯ desire.

We offer a bespoke product to suit your clientĄ¯s needs in terms of specification or colour options and is customizable for specific projects. Certainly in the case if a building calls for a specific colour match.

Our goal is to shorten the installation process and costs especially when time is such a deciding factor in a demanding construction project. For this reason we have engineered a modular scale of the panels as well as the concealed fastener system for ease of installation.
We aim to have a product that helps your architectural design to keep within the construction budget, often as a means to help reduce costs. A perfect product to create an innovative design within budget.

Our patented UV coating technology is very versatile and can be applied to MDF, HDF, wood and plywood bases depending on your requirements. It has the added benefit of increasing the finishing life span and offers a premium decorative effect.

*  BFC UV Board Structural Analysis

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